Competitively Priced, Expert Tree Surgery in Uckfield

There are many qualified tree surgeons working in this part of the United Kingdom but not all of them are able to provide the level of service that we can, at such competitive rates. As highly skilled and fully experienced arborists, we are capable of performing a wide variety of procedures on pretty much every type of tree you care to name. Furthermore, we firmly believe that our clients are entitled to expect value for money as well as highly skilled tree surgeons when they hire us, which is why we strive to keep our prices at reasonable levels across our whole range of services. Whatever your requirements, we encourage you to call or email us without delay: we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised when you discover just how reasonable our rates are.

“A large blue cedar had been badly damaged by high winds over the winter with several heavy branches fallen. All branches and debris were tidied and removed. Renovation was then carried out on the remaining shape of the tree so the wind could pass more freely through it without causing further damage. Despite another winter of high winds we have lost no further branches so very pleased with the result.”

Customer in Uckfield - Repair of damaged blue cedar tree.

Quick, efficient, professional. Worked very hard. Good tidying up. Cheerful workers.

Repeat Customer in Uckfield

Ben has always provided us with a very good service, we are always very happy with the work he does for us.

Repeat Customer in Uckfield - Tree surgery works

Tree Surgery in Uckfield: Common Procedures We Perform

As we mentioned above, we have the skills and experience, as well as the qualifications, to tackle any kind of procedures that may be necessary. Some of those that we are most often asked to perform are listed below, along with a brief explanation of what they involve.

  1. Crown Reduction/Thinning – Crown thinning is a procedure we are able to carry out on trees of all ages, which involves removing some of the smaller branches to create a more pleasing crown, with uniformly dense foliage. Crown reduction involves the removal of various leaf bearing branches in order to allow more light to pass through or to relieve stress on branches that may have grown in a manner that is compromising their structural integrity.
  1. Crown Lifting – Best performed on immature specimens, this procedure involves the removal of lower branches and is normally performed to ensure that adequate sunlight is still able to make its way through to the area immediately surrounding the tree or trees in question.
  1. Felling – The felling of a tree is sometimes necessary when other options, such as pruning, are impractical. In some cases, a tree may have grown to a point where it is posing a danger to people or property. We can remove trees completely in such circumstances, performing the procedure quickly, safely, and with a minimum of disruption.
  1. Retrenchment Pruning – The removal of overly long, heavy or weak branches in the crown can help to maintain its structural integrity, at the same time as encouraging the growth of lower branches. This type of tree surgery in Uckfield mimics the natural shedding of such branches in wild specimens and can help to ensure that your trees remain in a healthy condition for many years to come.

There are numerous other procedures that we are able to perform so if what you require is not on the above list, please call and ask to speak to one of our arborists whenever you have a few minutes to spare. We serve clients in all parts of Uckfield and the surrounding area, and we look forward to being of assistance to you in the near future.