Passion for tree planting

The Sussex and Kent countryside are described as the garden of England and we take great pride in the tree planting schemes we are a part of. Our commitment to good quality, locally sourced trees and shrubs combined with our arborists knowledge we provide expert planting of all size of trees.

Local suppliers

You can be assured that you’ll be helping the environment with our tree planting service. All your trees will be sourced from local suppliers and growers from towns and villages in East Sussex and Kent.

Specimen Tree Planting

  • All species and size of trees as required by your planting scheme  
  • Fruit trees 
  • Deciduous trees and coniferous trees  
  • Mature and semi-mature specimen trees

Hedge planting

Hedges can provide your home with a green barrier that complements your garden. You’ll get our help in increasing your privacy with our hedge planting. We’ll design a layout that suits your requirements.

Call us for tree planting and hedge trimming on: 01435 831 625

Orchard Planting

Renewable woodlands

Commercial Tree Planting

Commercial tree planting

Whether you want a specimen trees in a Park or have a new development planting scheme to realise. If you need trees planting in the Kent and Sussex area then we can help. Large Developments – Orchards – Woodlands