Tree surgery Heathfield

Dead tree branches being cut by tree surgeon in Heathfield East Sussex

Tree Surgery Heathfield

Ben Harman Tree surgery Heathfield has been based in or around Heathfield for 20 years and has completed thousands of tree surgery jobs for clients all over East Sussex and Kent.  We pride ourselves on our customer services and high standards of work carried out.  From hedge cutting to feeling of huge trees we are able to carry out every aspect of tree care.

If you need a competitively priced tree surgeon in the Heathfield area then Ben Harman tree surgery and fencing should be your number one point of contact.


At Ben Harman Tree Surgery, our qualified arborists are experienced in all forms of tree surgery, from tree felling, to tree pruning to tree lopping. When a tree is not at its best, an expert touch is needed to determine the response required and what action needs to be taken to return the tree to health, if that is possible.

Tree surgery

Ben Harman’s tree services are dedicated to caring for your trees and property, so we employ qualified arborists to ensure that your trees are given only the most professional and most experienced care and attention.

Each tree is individually assessed and any proposed alterations are considered in relation to the shape, size, character and condition of the tree, as well as the surrounding site and the specific characteristics of the tree species in question.

There are a number of solutions that can be used, depending on the needs of your tree, including:

  • Tree felling
  • Tree pollarding
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree lopping
  • Tree shaping

Tree surgery HeathfieldA documented risk assessment will be performed on your tree and once we have your permission (and the council’s permission if required) we will carry out all operations in a swift and professional manner. If your tree does not have to be removed, it will be left in an acceptable, well-balanced and safe condition.

Sometimes the tree has been damaged by storms and high winds and needs felling or pollarding. Other times the tree is diseased and requires expert knowledge to bring it back to health. No matter the problem, our experienced and professional arborists, will come up with a plan that will either return your tree to health or fell it and remove the risk of further damage to your home and family.

Our crews are highly experienced in tree surgery and tree shaping and sometimes that is all we need to do to make your tree safe again. The fate of your tree depends on the cause of the problem, but any decision will be made in full consultation with you and with an eye on safety.

If we do need to remove your tree, we also offer tree chipping and stump grinding services, so we can remove any trace of the tree, not leaving an unsightly and unsafe stump protruding from the ground and also leave you with plenty of mulch, at your request.

For all tree surgery Heathfield and stump grinding services in Heathfield, please call Ben Harman Tree Surgery (Experienced and professional arborists, tree remover, cutters & loppers in Heathfield) on 01435 831 625 or 07771 503 342