Tree surgery Eastbourne

Even with an abundance of adequately qualified tree surgeons in the United Kingdom, it’s hard to find anyone operating at our competitive rates. With an impressive roster of achievements, our arborists can deal with any landscaping or tree related problem regarding any tree that you can think of.

As firm believers in the value of hard earned money, we assure you completely professional workers with impressive skill sets and a very reasonable fee that isn’t hefty or inflated, keeping the work economical without compromising on the quality we pride ourselves on. Contact us today to book your appointment.

We have been asked by countless clients to provide a varying roster of services, which include but aren’t limited to:

Crown Reduction/Thinning – Crown thinning is a procedure we can carry out on trees of all ages, which involves removing some of the smaller branches to create a more pleasing crown, with uniformly dense foliage. Crown reduction involves the removal of various leaf-bearing branches to allow more light to pass through or to relieve stress on branches that may have grown in a manner that is compromising their structural integrity.

Crown Lifting – When trees are growing in initial stages, they tend to fan out, and their dense branches block the sunlight to lower branches and similar and smaller plants. This treatment is for immature trees to control their branch density.

Felling – Larger trees are a liability, falling over in storms and earthquakes to demolish entire areas. Instead, lay your tree to rest in a controlled, calculated fashion. Take our services to account for, assess, and perform all your fellings.

Retrenchment Pruning – Imitate natural shedding patterns for branches to get rid of ineffective, structurally damaged and old branches. Improve the crown by pruning off these portions and improving the tree shape and quality.

If you have other needs = not mentioned here, call our arborists for more information. Spare a few minutes to discuss what’s best for your trees and land. We serve clients in all parts of Eastbourne and the surrounding area. We look forward to your decision.