Tree surgery Mayfield

tree surgery mayfieldBen Harman Tree Surgery Mayfield – With a team of fully trained and qualified tree surgeons, we can perform a multitude of services when you require for us to do so. We can fell trees, prune hedges, revive trees and make the grass greener. We have an amazing staff, the state of the art equipment, professional planning and the manpower to handle any case that comes forth. 

Whether you are in urgent need of a qualified tree surgeon or you simply wish to enquire about one or more of our services, kindly visit our website in detail and call us as soon as possible to set up an appointment, as well as addressing detailed requests and queries.

Tree surgery is gross of two main types, in essence. All our procedures are divided into two main classes: formative and remedial. Examples of formative tree surgery include pruning during the early years of a tree’s life to encourage certain desirable growth patterns; pollarding, for much the same reasons; and planting, which is self-explanatory! Examples of remedial surgery include crown reduction, thinning and lifting, to improve the shape or a tree or allow more sunlight through; felling, to remove trees that are posing safety concerns in their current location and are too large to be moved; and stump grinding, which involves the removal of tree stumps after felling, using a powered cutting disk.

Factors to Consider Before Having Tree Surgery Performed

If you want to improve the woodland standards on your land, or if you are just curious about how your garden can be turned better. These things need to be taken into account. 

  • Safety – Due to lack of professional skill and etiquette, hiring inept surgeons or trying to do it yourself may cost you dearly. Trees are tough to overcome, so our professionals are well versed in the methodology for overcoming them. 
  • Long-Term Effects – Most companies perform lopping or topping, which we strictly prohibit. These practices turn live wood into dead one, and make everyone really unhappy with issues such as these.
  • Cost Vs Benefits – Our services will give you accurate projections so that you can see the services you receiving for your money, in order for you to plan accordingly.

If you would like accurate, professional advice on tree surgery in Mayfield, as well as a quotation on which you can rely, call us today to discuss your requirements. We are locally based and able to help you from nearby, guaranteeing constant oversight and fast responses.