Tree surgery Lewes

Tree surgery Lewes

Professional Tree Surgery in Lewes

Our tree surgery service in Lewes and the surrounding area are highly professional and fully insured. If you require light pruning to perfect your landscape, or need to remove larger trees, our services can be of great aid to you.

Our services include:

  • Felling – We carry out these procedures with strict guidelines and contingency plans in place, to ensure total safety. This service is required to remove trees that may provide some safety concern in the future.
  • Crown Reduction – Some trees grow densely packed branches, and their leaves start to block out light from coming through. This can cause loss of light in houses, yards and various other recreational areas. Crown reduction aims to remove some of those branches to provide an airier space, in cases where the removal of the tree is not desirable.
  • Crown Thinning – This involves the removal of tertiary branches that are positioned at the outer edges of the crown, to produce a more even spread of branches and foliage in broad-leaved species.
  • Crown Lifting – Only to be practised on younger, growing trees, the removal of lower branches gives the appearance of a higher crown can increase the amount of natural light in indoor and outdoor areas. Preferentially, primary branches will be shortened rather than removed, and the removal will centre on the secondary branches. Feel free to call for advice if you are not sure whether tree surgery in Lewes of this nature is the best solution for your trees.
  • Pollarding – Whether for visual stimulation or practicality, we can remove the tops of younger trees to encourage the growth of branches. This procedure should be repeated on a regular basis for best results.
  • Stump Grinding – The felling of larger specimens leaves behind an unattractive stump, which can be tough to remove due to an extended root system. Instead of using heavy machinery and chains for the removal of the stump, we offer you stump grinding, which involves the use of a cutting disk to remove the wood in stages.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning – For the controlled growth and maximised yield, we can perform specialised pruning on fruit trees of all types to give you the most you can get from your tree.

Obtaining Quotations

Cost effectiveness is a huge part of our package. If you are interested in having the services mentioned above performed on your trees, please feel free to contact us at the earliest convenience. We can give you an indication of cost over the phone. In most cases, there is the need to visit the location in question to assess the amount of work for ourselves and weigh in various factorial costs. In either circumstance, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate so you can gauge the cost and effectiveness of the work on your own. Call us now for your tree surgery needs.