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As fully trained and qualified tree surgeons, we are able to offer our clients in Crowborough a full range of services covering everything from the pruning of small hedges, all the way up to the largest of oaks. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to meet them in full. We have many years of experience, a great team of surgeons, and the best equipment available, ensuring that we are able to deliver first-class results on every job that we tackle. Whether you are in urgent need of a qualified tree surgeon or you simply wish to enquire about one or more of our services, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us right now.

The Types of Tree Surgery in Crowborough That We Offer

In essence, the different procedures that we offer can be divided into two main types: formative and remedial. Examples of formative tree surgery include pruning during the early years of a tree’s life to encourage certain desirable growth patterns; pollarding, for much the same reasons; and planting, which is self explanatory! Examples of remedial surgery include crown reduction, thinning and lifting, to improve the shape or a tree or allow more sunlight through; felling, to remove trees that are posing safety concerns in their current location and are too large to be moved; and stump grinding, which involves the removal of tree stumps after felling, using a powered cutting disk.

Factors to Consider Before Having Tree Surgery Performed

If you are not happy with the appearance or condition of trees that are growing on your land but you are unsure what you should do about it, consider the following factors before you take any action:

  • Safety – Amateur attempts at pruning often produce bad results but the main reason to avoid hiring unqualified personnel to attend to your trees is safety. Amateurs rarely have the necessary equipment or training to ensure their own safety and they almost certainly won’t have any insurance, which could cost you dearly in the event something were to go wrong.
  • Long-Term Effects – Before you consider hiring a firm that still practises lopping, i.e. the removal of large side branches of mature specimens, consider the long-term damage this will almost certainly do to your trees. The same applies to topping, the practice of removing large sections of the crown of a tree.
  • Cost Vs Benefits – You should obtain accurate quotations before deciding on the most appropriate course of action to take regarding your trees. Failure to do so could result in you choosing a procedure that costs too much when you consider the benefits it delivers.

If you would like accurate, professional advice on tree surgery in Crowborough, as well as a quotation on which you can rely, call us today to discuss your requirements. As a locally based firm, we can respond quickly to urgent requests and we will always be on hand in the event you should need any help or advice in the future.

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