Tree Surgery Hailsham

Tree Surgery HailshamBen Harman Tree surgery Hailsham is a company based near Hailsham, and has completed thousands of tree surgeries over many decades. Over the years, we have worked for a plethora of satisfied customers, extremely happy with our services due to our exceptional customer service and professional working etiquette. From felling of larger trees to hedge cutting, we excel in all aspects of tree care.

Our competitive and economical pricing ensures you get quality tree surgery and fencing without straining your wallet too much.

From lopping to pruning, our professionals know how to take care of your trees. Our expert care will rejuvenate your declining trees to top notch health, with a little loving touch and a botanically efficient methodology to add to our considerate workers.

Tree surgery

Our Tree Services ensures you get the most qualified arborists who can give the best care to your trees and property to ensure professional and satisfactory work.

Instead of arbitrary treatment, every tree is separately assessed, and any projected adjustment is considered about the shape, size, character and condition of the tree, as well as the surrounding site and the specific characteristics of the tree species in question.

There are some solutions that can be used, depending on the needs of your tree, including:

  • Tree felling
  • Tree pollarding
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree lopping
  • Tree shaping

After your consent (and that of the responsible Council, if need be) a thorough risk assessment will be conducted. After the impact and the repercussions of the action have been meticulously calculated and dealt with, the work will be executed in a professional and timely manner.

Trees are dynamic entities that might be very beneficial to you and your family. However, in adverse circumstances, they also might pose a serious threat. Storms or winds can uproot the tree, or damage its structural integrity. This sort of tree needs to be felled or pollarded. Some fungal, microbial, physiological or chemical diseases may pose a serious threat to the tree as well. Our professional arborists harbour adequate training to revive the tree back to its former glory if possible. Otherwise, the tree should be removed to avoid further damage.

The fate of your tree ultimately depends on the root of the problem. However, the final decision belongs to you based on your preference and our expert opinion regarding safety. Not all trees need removal, after all. Most trees only need some slight surgery and pruning to get back to safety. If the tree does require removal, we guarantee not to leave any ugly stumps to chop down your aesthetic. We offer grinding and cutting options, to discard the tree involved. The waste can be processed into mulch, upon your request.

For all tree surgery Hailsham and stump grinding services in Hailsham, please call Ben Harman Tree Surgery (Experienced and professional arborists, tree remover, cutters & loppers in Hailsham) on 01435 831 625 or 07771 503 342